How to find a good double glazing installer

Installing new double glazing or replacing your existing windows is a big decision and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are still plenty of doorstep double glazing salespeople knocking on doors trying to convince home owners to upgrade, update, or install new windows; while some of them may well be legitimate and very good, choosing someone in this way for such a big decision for your home is not ideal. To help you choose wisely and knowledgeably we wanted to give you a few tips on what to look out for, what to avoid, and how to work with…

Choosing the right door for your home

Your house’s front door is not just the entry to your home, it’s the gateway to your sanctuary from the world. It also links you to the community by being a part of your street and when it comes to renting or selling your property, it’s your advertisement of what people can expect the inside to be like. When choosing the right front door for your home there are a few things to think about. We have put together a handy guide of what those are to help you with your decision: Security First and foremost is the security of…

Look after your sash windows this winter

Sash windows may look beautiful but when it comes to winter they can be draughty. Any timber sash window will suffer to a greater or lesser extent from the effects of age, use, and poor maintenance. Those that are particularly old, where they may be part of a listed building for example, will suffer no matter how good the maintenance has been over the years – wood will become warped over time and moisture will get into cracks and crevices. However, there are a number of things that you can do to protect your sash windows from such effects and…

Five easy steps to installing bi-fold doors in your home

Ever dreamed of enjoying a morning cup of coffee looking out into your garden instead of at a solid wall? It’s not as difficult or as expensive as you may think to replace your wall with bi-fold doors, and the transformation of your space to a lighter, brighter room can be quite dramatic. We have put together a handy guide to help you make the leap to a new way of living. Why choose bi-fold doors? Bi-fold doors are increasingly popular as the installation cost has decreased and the value they can add to your home, financially and in lifestyle…

Should your home have composite fire doors?

Despite its immense importance, a fire door is often overlooked in factories, offices, commercial buildings, and homes. Exterior fire doors are an essential piece of any fire safety plan because they help in safeguarding the inhabitants of a building from a fire. External fire doors might seem to be insignificant and an unnecessary expense, but in reality, this is something that offers complete peace of mind, and with that, quality doors become a necessity.  What are composite fire doors?  A fire door is a door which has been tested against fire for a certain period of time; one example is…

Five benefits of timber effect windows

The exterior appearance of your home is important. It helps to set the tone for your décor and style within the home as well as creating an attractive presentation from the outside. Having a well-maintained property front is an excellent way to interest prospective buyers as well as being a wonderful welcoming feature for residents and guests. Aspects such as windows and doors play an important part in building the home’s character and offer much in the way of retaining and showcasing period properties and their features. While PVC-U frames are common and easy to implement for most homes, there…

Designing Your Perfect Conservatory

When designing the conservatory that is ideal for you, you will have no doubt already decided what the core use is going to be. It may an extension of your garden, for the winter months, when pottering about in the rain is no fun. It may rather be an extension of your home where with plenty of light streaming in, it is the perfect space for socializing. In some cases, it may even be used for both, provided that the space is efficiently used.

Five Reasons To Add An Orangery To Your Home

Ask most people what an orangery is, and you’re quite likely to draw a blank stare. An orangery is considered by many to be the progenitor of the modern conservatory. These fabulous additions to the home were considered a status symbol between the 17th and 19th centuries and enabled the wealthy to grow citrus fruits indoors despite the inclement British weather. Citrus fruits were considered exotic, were expensive to buy and a novelty of the time period. However, orangeries are back in fashion now, here are five great reasons why you should add one to your home.

Tips for a conservatory that seamlessly extends your home

It’s likely that we all know of at least one home where a conservatory sits looking like a mish-mash of rooms and a higgledy–piggledy space of multiple uses. If you’ve recently been house hunting, or can at least remember your last time scouring the market, it’s also probable that the homes you did see with these haphazard conservatories really didn’t have the appeal of the ones that were a stylish, seamless extension of living space.

Doors, windows and conservatories – The value impact

Every homeowner looks for savvy solutions for boosting the value of their property, and as the housing market looks more uncertain than ever, home improvements can be the difference between cashing in and moving on, or crashing out and staying put. Doors, windows and conservatories present an attractive option for increasing property value – but what increases should you expect from each of these investments? And how concerned are home shoppers about properties where work is required in these areas? Here we explain the exact value impact of these improvements. Doors and windows – The complete picture The doors and…

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