Out with the old, in with the new! When it comes to the start of a new year it is natural for us to turn our thinking towards all sorts of new things or anything related to repairing, replacing, and generally refreshing things in our life. It is a time for new year’s resolutions – have you made or even broken yours yet? – and for planning for the year ahead. And so it is with our homes. With the holidays behind us it is a time to check the household budget and figure out what needs to be done.

If you have been looking at your windows for a while now thinking that something needs to be done about them, use our guide below to determine whether this is the year for new windows.

Look at the window frames

Take a good, close look at them. You are looking for signs of rot, large gaps that let draughts in, or warping that means it is harder to open and close the windows properly. Also look for signs that the double-glazing is failing – assuming they are double-glazed in the first place – such as condensation or fogging that never seems to fully clear. Leaks, chips, and cracks are also signs that your double-glazing is no longer doing its job as well as it should.

Replace if:

  • there are signs of rot, as this is very difficult to stop and manage
  • there is warping, as this will lead to draughts and leaks sooner or later
  • they are single-glazed, as you will save money on energy bills
  • they are leaking and the seals are not worth repairing, as you could end up with water coming in and mould around your windows
  • it is hard to open and close them, as this means that they no longer sit comfortably in their frames. Windows are also an emergency escape route and if you can’t use them you could be in trouble

Check your energy bills

If they have gone up in recent years, cold snaps and Beasts from the East aside, then your windows may be to blame. The way to check this is to stand close to them; if it feels cooler by the window or the glass is cold to the touch then they are not effective in keeping heat in. Older windows, or those that have grown inefficient over time will let heat escape more readily which leads to your heating working harder and for longer to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.

Replace if it is noticeably colder by your windows. Newer, double-glazed and low-emissivity glass will reduce heat loss and pay you back through lower energy bills.

Your home is no longer quiet

Good windows are not just for keeping out the cold and letting in daylight. Double glazing is also designed to help keep noise out. You are more likely to notice this if you live next to a busy road or railway or are under a flight path, all of which can affect your quality of life if there is too much noise pollution coming into your home. If you can hear outdoor noise when you are near a closed window then this is a sign that they are old; you could benefit from newer, more modern windows that will block out noise and improve your quiet time.

For more advice on whether to repair or replace your windows get in touch with our 1st Scenic team. Remember, we offer a free quote as well if you are considering replacement – just call or email us on 01689 829 600 and at to talk to us or to make an appointment.