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Our team are highly specialised when it comes to double-glazing windows. We have more than 100 years of combined experience in the industry, making us a great option for anyone looking for new double-glazed windows in Bromley and beyond. Our workmanship and customer-oriented approach have seen us develop an excellent reputation in Bromley. We are seen as a leading company for double-glazing in Kent. Our team have experience working all over Bromley, from semi-detached houses on Portland Road to detached homes on Stamford Drive. Trust the experts – choose 1st Scenic for your new window project.

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You can start your journey towards expertly installed new double glazing today. You can reach our team on 01689 829 600, by emailing, or filling in our contact form for a prompt response.


Transforming Homes Since 2003: Your Expert Double Glazing Partners in Bromley


We have been growing and evolving ever since we started in 2003, building a wealth of experience that has seen us become expert double-glazing specialists in Bromley. As home improvement experts, we know how to learn the requirements of every customer and provide a solution that works for them. Our reputable team will always deliver a personal service, working closely with all our clients to make sure that they get just the outcome they are looking for.

Your Dream Windows, Our Priority: Unveiling Excellence, Start to Finish

From our first meeting to the final result to the comprehensive aftercare, we are with you every step of the way for the duration of your project. We care deeply about our customers and make sure each one receives an amazing final product that they can be proud of. You can count on the fact that you are receiving good value, as we are always up-front with our very best price. Start your journey towards new double-glazed windows today by making the most of your free quote.

Sash windows

We can help anyone who wants to improve their home with new sash windows. We are the best team for the job, with a level of service and skill that surpasses the competition. You can trust our team at 1st Scenic to provide the best possible solution at your home. While many companies offer a one-size-fits-all solution, we provide bespoke sash windows which are designed to suit your requirements. Our expert team will work with you to determine the best approach for your individual project, before efficiently installing your windows.

Casement windows

For anyone seeking a stylish and functional window solution, our casement windows are a great choice. Both excellent for insulation and simple to operate, these double-glazed windows keep your home cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Traditional casement windows do not provide the same level of insulation and can be tricky to open and close. Old-fashioned casement windows have similar drawbacks. Our modern casement windows are stylish, keep your home comfortable, and save you from wasting energy.

Tilt and turn windows

One of the most versatile window products available from 1st Scenic, our tilt and turn windows incorporate both safety and practicality. They are useful in two ways – either open them fully for easy cleaning access or tilt them for ventilation. Their sleek design makes them a great addition to any conservatory. You can ensure that your windows suit the décor of your property, with a wide range of glazing options available.

Customer Reviews: Bromley’s Take on Our Exceptional Double Glazing

Our previous customers have happily shared their personal experiences of working with 1st Scenic. We are passionate about meeting every demand of our clients and always listen to their specifications, taking them into account. Take a look at our reviews for a real insight into what we do.

Materials for your double-glazing in Bromley

We have a range of materials available to use for your double-glazed windows, so you can decide which will suit your needs the most. From low maintenance timber alternative windows to highly insulated aluminium windows, you’ve got options when it comes to which material you want. Get in touch to talk about the materials we offer and discover one which is right for you.

uPVC window

It can be tricky to decide which type of window is the best fit for your property, especially with so many options available. You want to be sure that you are doing what is best for your home. When you choose uPVC windows from us in Bromley, you know you are receiving an excellent product that will complement your property. We will work closely with you throughout the project, making sure that you are happy with the practicality and appearance of your windows during every stage of the process. Our uPVC windows are perfect for any property – stylish, energy efficient, and made to measure.

Aluminium windows

Traditional windows do not maintain heat as well as they could, and often let in draughts. This can lead to increased energy bills and an uncomfortable home. While old-fashioned windows are attractive, they are not always functional. Because of the higher energy bills caused by a loss of heat, they can cost you a lot of money as time goes on. Our aluminium windows are the ideal addition to any home. They allow for plenty of natural light, look great, and offer superior insulation to help maintain an optimal temperature throughout the year, saving you money on your energy bills.

Timber alternative windows

Crafted using high-quality materials that resemble real wood, our timber alternative windows are a great choice for any home. They remove the hassle and upkeep that comes with natural timber windows, while still providing the aesthetic value and heat retention. Our timber alternative windows also do not require the regular maintenance and treatment that ordinary timber windows need. This will save you money and time and your windows will still look great. You can customise your timber alternative windows to your favourite style or finish to customise them to your property.

Why do you need our double-glazing

A great way to insulate your home and reduce energy bills, installing our double-glazed windows is an excellent decision for any homeowner. We have got a professional and experienced team of installers who take pride in completing every project to the highest possible standard.

Why choose 1st Scenic?

When you choose to work with 1st Scenic, you can rest assured that you are receiving a service which is second-to-none. Our standard 10-year product and insurance guarantee for many of our products will give you the peace of mind that you need. We have had various products endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust and FENSA and are members of The Glass and Glazing Federation. Plus, we meet the Trustmark Government Endorsed Standards, and have received further certifications, which is evidence of the quality service that we provide. We tailor our solutions to the needs of each client, making their personal requirements a priority every time.

Frequently Asked Questions on double-glazing in Bromley

What is double glazing? 

Double glazing is the practice of using two panes of glass in a window frame, separated by a layer of air or gas, to improve window insulation and reduce noise transmission. It is a popular choice for homes in the Bromley region, providing great energy efficiency and soundproofing. 

How does double glazing improve energy efficiency? 

Double glazing improves energy efficiency by creating a thermal barrier between the inside and outside of a building. The air or gas trapped between the two panes of glass reduces heat transfer, helping to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. This reduces the need for heating or cooling, ultimately leading to lower energy consumption and costs. 

What are the benefits of double glazing? 

Double glazing offers several benefits. It enhances sound and thermal insulation, making homes quieter, reducing heat loss, and lowering energy bills.  

Double glazing also enhances security with its toughened glass and multi-lock systems. It adds value to properties and enhances their aesthetic appeal.  

Additionally, double-glazing solutions reduce condensation and minimise the risk of mould and dampness. It is also environmentally friendly as it helps reduce carbon emissions by lowering energy consumption.

Can double glazing reduce external noise? 

Yes, double glazing can significantly reduce external noise. It creates an effective sound barrier by using two panes of glass separated by a layer of air or gas. This setup helps to dampen sound waves, making it harder for external noise to penetrate into the building. 

How do I maintain and clean double-glazed windows? 

To maintain and clean double-glazed windows, regularly inspect, and clean the frames, remove any dirt or debris, and check for any signs of damage. Clean the glass with a mild detergent and warm water, avoiding abrasive materials. Lubricate hinges and locks as needed. Regular maintenance will ensure the windows function optimally. 

Are there different types of double glazing? 

Yes, there are different types of double glazing. The most common are: 

  • Standard double glazing: Two panes of glass with air or gas in between. 
  • Low-E double glazing: Coated with a Low-E (low emissivity) film to reflect heat back into the room. 
  • Triple glazing: Three panes of glass for enhanced insulation. 
  • Acoustic double glazing: Extra-thick glass for better noise reduction in windows. 
  • Tinted double glazing: Coloured glass for privacy and heat reduction. 
  • Self-cleaning double glazing: Coated with a film that breaks down dirt and rain. 

Each type has its own benefits and is suited to different needs. To discuss your requirements and make an informed choice, call our expert double-glazing company in Bromley.  

Can I replace a single-pane window with double-glazing? 

Yes, you can replace a single-pane window with double glazing. This process involves removing the existing window frame and installing a new double-glazed unit. It is important to measure accurately and ensure the new window fits properly. Professional installation is recommended to ensure proper sealing and insulation. Call our friendly experts on 01689 829 600 to learn more

How long does double glazing last? 

The longevity of double glazing can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials used, the installation process, and the level of maintenance. High-quality double-glazed windows can last for around 20-30 years or more with proper care.  

Is double-glazing suitable for all climates? 

Yes, double glazing is suitable for all climates. It provides insulation against both cold and warm weather by creating a thermal barrier between the inside and outside of a building. In cold climates, double glazing helps retain heat, reducing the need for heating. In warm climates, it helps keep buildings cooler by blocking heat from entering. Double glazing can also be adapted with different types of glass and coatings to better suit specific climate needs. Work with experts for tailored solutions 

Can I claim any government incentives for installing double glazing? 

As of 2024, there are no specific government incentives available for installing double glazing in windows. However, some schemes are in place to help low-income households upgrade energy efficiency in their homes. The schemes include: 

  • ECO4 scheme – Applicable in England, Scotland, and Wales. Those who are eligible will receive income-related benefits. 
  • Home Upgrade Scheme (HUG2) – For draught-proofing new windows and doors in low-income households and low energy efficiency-rated properties in the UK. 
  • Great British Insulation Scheme (previously ECO+) – Applicable in England, Scotland, and Wales for vulnerable households. 

You should check with your local council to learn about your eligibility. 

How much does it cost to double-glaze? 

The cost of double glazing can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size and type of windows, the materials used, and the installation process. Therefore, at 1st Scenic, we personalise each quote based on the specific requirement.  

Speak to our double-glazing experts today to receive an accurate cost estimate tailored to your double-glazing needs in Bromley. 

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