Our range of tiled roofs

Breathe life into an old conservatory or extension with one of our tiled conservatory roofs. These replacement roofs will transform your living space, providing you with a space that can be used year-round. We use the market-leading Supalite Tiled Conservatory Roof profile, one of the best tiled conservatory roofs on the market. Contact us today for a quote for one of our warm roof conservatories.

Creating a year-round space

Our tiled conservatory roofs remove the greenhouse effect that traditional conservatories can experience. In the summer months, the temperature in a standard conservatory rises to sweltering levels and in the winter, it is too cold to use.  With our tiled conservatory roofs, the insulation within the warm roof design controls the temperature, allowing the homeowner to use their extension year-round. In heavy rain or wind, you will not be deafened, leaving you to enjoy your space whenever you want.

Built to standard

Many warm conservatory roof designs don’t require planning permission to install, however it’s always wise to check. Our tiled conservatory roofs are insurance approved, JHAI approved and meet all building regulations. This means you will not have to go through the slow process of getting planning permission.

Adding an extra room

With our tiled conservatory roofs, you can turn your conservatory into the extra room you always wanted. Whether you want to add an office, extra bedroom, a playroom or whatever, the tiled conservatory roof can make it happen. The warm roof tiles within the design blend seamlessly into your property, maintaining the look and character of your home.

Increase the kerb value of your home

Through investing in our tiled conservatory roofs for your home, you’ll increase its value. A conservatory alone is not considered a functional living space, limiting what you can add in value. Through investing in a warm roof, you’ll increase the value of your property and help to transform your extension into a year-round space.

Fit to every style

For some conservatory styles, it can be difficult to find a conservatory roof that fits. Our tiled conservatory roofs fit P-Shape, Victorian 5 Bay, Victorian Wide Front, Victorian & Edwardian. The homeowner can also choose from a range of Extralight Tiles, Tapco Slate, exterior and interior lights, vaulted ceilings, vents and external flashings. Or make the most of natural light within your conservatory with the SkyVista or SkyElevate window system, brightening up your conservatory, creating the illusion of more space.

Low maintenance design

Unlike traditional glass roofs, our tiled conservatory roofs require far less maintenance. The water-tight design prevents any leaks, reducing the harmful damage damp and rainwater can cause. The homeowner also won’t have to scale any ladders to clean dirty roofs, giving you more time to do the things you enjoy.

We’re with you- from design to construction, and beyond

We work alongside the homeowner from the very first consultation onto completion. There from every step, we ensure that the completed tiled conservatory roof is all that you initially envisaged. Our quality service doesn’t end after fitting. We’ve developed a reputation for stellar after-care and support too. All our tiled conservatory roofs are accompanied by a 10-year guarantee of quality, giving you peace of mind that your product is built to last. See what these customers have to say.

What do our customers think?

Shall we begin?

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1st Scenic tiled conservatory roofs – your 1st choice
(here’s why)

If you’re trying to choose between companies for your tiled conservatory roofs, here are three solid reasons to make 1st Scenic your first and only choice.


We don’t begin with materials, specifications and diagrams – we begin with you.

You haven’t chosen to invest in a tiled conservatory roof for the quality materials used within the design, nor the specifications of the construction. You want this roof to enhance your conservatory, and this is what we begin with.


1st Scenic estimators are experts in home improvements- not specialists in sales

Don’t expect anything but professionalism from our team. We never pressurise or speak in jargon. Our price points are sharp with the best price offered first time, every time. You could get a roof for less than you expected.


We offer a tiled conservatory design service that is completely free of charge

Our designs will be painstakingly developed using your ideas and guidance. You’ll be in the driving seat when choosing the perfect tile roof for your conservatory, with the colour and optional features all coming down to matching your style.


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