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Ask most people what an orangery is, and you’re quite likely to draw a blank stare. An orangery is considered by many to be the progenitor of the modern conservatory. These fabulous additions to the home were considered a status symbol between the 17th and 19th centuries and enabled the wealthy to grow citrus fruits indoors despite the inclement British weather. Citrus fruits were considered exotic, were expensive to buy and a novelty of the time period. However, orangeries are back in fashion now, here are five great reasons why you should add one to your home.

 1.Wide Range Of Orangery Design

The development of orangeries from earlier time periods has provided a range of design ideas, which have followed through to today. Typically, they are larger than the conservatories that we have come to know and frequently see as a home improvement in 20th and 21st century UK homes.

Orangeries are meant to have a unique appearance and appeal that sets them aside from the home. They are a distinctively different construction to the house itself. They often include additional brickwork and are meant to present as more elegant than a conservatory. An orangery is also larger, and although they share characteristics of a conservatory such as views over the garden, their intended design was never to integrate them into garden environments.

 2.You Can Grow Real Citrus Trees

By choosing to have an orangery added to your home, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of what they were originally intended and designed for. A citrus tree or two or three. The availability of healthy fruit-bearing citrus trees from reputable nurseries in the UK is now widespread. Because they offer wider open space and more intentional design than a conservatory, an orangery with a few citrus trees will enhance the elegant addition to your home.

 3.Often Don’t Need Planning Permission

Apart from homes in conservation areas, and listed buildings, your orangery provider, will be able to tell you whether existing permissions will cut right through any paperwork.  While most homes are covered by existing agreements, it is always prudent to check, and your provider will be able to help with this particularly if they do a lot of work in your area and are familiar with how your local authority operates.

 4.Can Be Used As An Additional Room

Although originally not conceived as a design idea for an extra room, an orangery makes an excellent addition to a home because of the living space it provides. Whether the room will be used as leisure space, entry to an attractive garden, a playroom or even a space to host guests it can also be versatile and properly constructed can serve multiple purposes.

 5.Add Exceptional Value To Your Home

While conservatories always add value to a home when the time comes to sell and move on, an orangery has exceptional appeal, more so because they are larger and more diverse in the possibilities for end use. Furthermore, conservatories are a common addition to UK homes and have become the norm, whereas an orangery still provides that additional sense of class and exotic appeal. An orangery will almost always speed up the prospect of selling your home while fetching a higher price too.


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