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It’s likely that we all know of at least one home where a conservatory sits looking like a mish-mash of rooms and a higgledy–piggledy space of multiple uses. If you’ve recently been house hunting, or can at least remember your last time scouring the market, it’s also probable that the homes you did see with these haphazard conservatories really didn’t have the appeal of the ones that were a stylish, seamless extension of living space. We should point out here, even the most innovative, aesthetically pleasing and high quality of conservatoires can fall flat if effort isn’t made to unite home with conservatory. When lacking a clear function, your conservatory can soon become a neglected space and a wasted investment – here’s how to avoid this situation, for a conservatory that seamlessly extends your home and enhances your living space.

1.Create a consistent style that leads from home to conservatory

The simplest tip for creating a feel of inclusiveness is to continue the style and decor of the adjoining room into your conservatory. The two most influential factors on this point is your choice of flooring and furnishings (such as rugs, cushions, throws and curtains/blinds) which, ideally, should match up for a feeling of consistency.

2.Carefully consider your upgrade options

Conservatories have come a long way since the original and rather uninspiring options that were more lean-too than take your breath away. Times have truly changed, and today you have more upgrade options than ever before – such as an upgrade to a solid roof with sky lights, which can create the appearance of an extension, or bi-fold doors and large glass walls which can breathe space and air into your living space – inviting the outdoors in.

3.Think about the temperature

Conservatories can suffer from uncomfortable fluctuations in temperature throughout the year – from the heat of the summer, to the depth of cold in the winter.

The most effective way to manage the temperature over the colder seasons is with underfloor heating, which will allow you to simply set and forget the heating for winter; while blinds and ventilation can help over the hotter months. There’s also an option for the installation of ‘cooling film’, which not only reflects up to 80% of the sun’s heat away from the conservatory, but also provides for a layer of protection against harmful UV light rays.

4.Extend the entrance into the conservatory

The threshold of your conservatory can visually split your living spaces, even when the doors may be wide open. Upsizing from French doors to an entrance that extends the length of the conservatory can create a feeling of a single room, rather than two distinct areas.


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