Victorian sash windows are an aspect of home furnishings that have been brought through to the present day, without a loss of love. Their timeless style and heritage roots provide an elegant feature that can be custom made to suit buildings of any age, size, or shape. If you are considering the installation of sash windows within your property, one key consideration you may be thinking about is the cost. So, let’s discuss this topic together.

What are sash windows?

Sash windows are most commonly constructed with timber frames and are assembled by specialist joiners in a way that allows them to open vertically, in a sliding motion. They consist of two framed sashes which sit on vertical grooves, allowing them to slide open and closed smoothly, without any grinding or scratching of the frames.

How much do sash windows cost?

So, as we move onto discussing the cost of sash windows, it is important to know that there are a whole host of factors which can alter the price. As a ballpark figure, per window installed, you should expect to pay anything from £1,500 and upwards. Let’s take a look at the factors which would alter this ballpark figure…

Are you repairing?

Of course, there is a large cost difference between repair and restoration work for existing sash windows and the installation of brand-new frames. If your home already has sash windows installed but you are noticing signs of aging, you could benefit from a repair service. With a decreased amount of materials and labour required, you could be looking at a cost starting in the region of £300, which is much more cost efficient compared to the installation of new frames.

What type of glazing do you want?

The type of glazing you opt for can also alter the cost of your sash windows. With the options of standard, double and triple glazing, as well as vacuum glazed glass, there are a range of qualities that could benefit your home in varied ways, including sound and heat insulation.

What colour do you want your frames to be?

An aspect which often isn’t considered when it comes to pricing is the colour of your sash windows. When it comes to constructing the windows out of timber, it’s fair to say that the colour chart is rather restricted! It is highly common for companies to supply their windows with a white painted finish, and so this can be expected to be at the lower end of the cost scale. Other options include staining, a coloured paint, and a range of finishing options, from gloss to matte, which could all increase the price by 30-50%.

Do you have any other customisation requests?

A second beauty of sash windows, aside from their timeless appearance, is the ability to have them customised to suit your preferences and property. Of course, this can come with a price increase. Customisation options can range from the shape of your window to the style of bars you opt for, such as Georgian or Astragal. You can expect the cost of your sash windows to increase as the labour time or use of material rises.

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