With summer in full swing, chances are you are planning – if you haven’t already booked – a summer holiday. Whether you have little ones or not, a summer escape in July or August is something most of us look forward to after a cold, dark, and busy winter. With the summer holiday season looming, you may not only be thinking about what to pack and how to get to the airport though. Your thoughts may also be turning to how to best keep your property and belongings safe while you are away, especially if you have a patio or French doors that could provide easy access to burglars. With that in mind, we take a look at a few easy ways to make sure your home is safe and your patio doors strengthened to put your mind at ease.

Locking systems

All new patio doors come with at least a basic latch to secure them when they are closed. While these can be manipulated by burglars, you can enhance the locking mechanism by adding a security bar or a door jammer. With plenty of options on the market, there will be one that is right for your patio doors and within your budget.

Another option is to install a heavy duty door track lock. This works by sinking into the ground each time you lock it, you just have to manually lift it to open the door.

Reinforcing the glass

A very effective method, reinforcing the glass on your patio doors is a relatively easy way of securing it. There are a couple of options that work to different budgets:

  • Replacing the glass with shatterproof glass where it has not already been installed. This is the more expensive option.
  • Adding a protective film layer over your glass is the more economical option. This works in the same way – by preventing the glass from shattering if someone is trying to break it.

Alternatively, or better yet, as well as, you could make sure that the curtains are drawn or blinds are down so that none of your belongings are visible from the outside, deterring would-be burglars from trying to get in.

Alarm systems

These range from the sophisticated whole-house alarm system to the more localised wireless alarms that are activated as soon as a door is opened. Burglars hate noise and if the alarm is visible they will not even attempt to break in. If it goes off, they will too.

Install lights

Lighting will deter any burglar as it makes them clearly visible and vulnerable to detection. From the simple timer-based lights that come on and off each day whether you are at home or not, to the motion-sensor ones that are triggered when they sense movement flooding your doorway with light.

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