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When designing the conservatory that is ideal for you, you will have no doubt already decided what the core use is going to be. It may an extension of your garden, for the winter months, when pottering about in the rain is no fun. It may rather be an extension of your home where with plenty of light streaming in, it is the perfect space for socializing. In some cases, it may even be used for both, provided that the space is efficiently used.

Interior gardening

You may fear giving up some of the exterior space that has been exclusively the realm of the gardener in your home, but it may, in fact, pay off to reclaim that space for plants indoors. The way light comes into the conservatory will influence which plants you have and where to place them, but conservatories are ideal for creating indoor gardens.


You will need to think about how you are going to glaze the conservatory. Roof lanterns are excellent for ensuring that extra light gets in, but you will also have to consider aspect. A south facing conservatory is a very good choice if you want hot sun all day during the summer, and to enjoy the sun you do get in the winter, but it can also get too hot inside. A conservatory on the north side of a home can be an equal pleasure to enjoy and not lead to overheating.


The furniture you choose should ideally be a seamless continuation of the rest of your home. It’s hardly a good idea to leap from eighteenth-century antiques to 1960s retro hippy themes. It may seem like fun at the time; you may, however, discover that it’s more appropriate to create a sense of design continuity.


You will also need to consider heating, as in the winter months it does feel good to enjoy an open and light space but will suffer from a chill. Underfloor heating could be an option worth considering especially if you’re going to grow plants in an indoor garden all year round.


Ventilation should never be an afterthought. When designing your perfect conservatory consider if you can open some of the glazing panels, or have glazing on the roof that opens like a skylight that can offer relief on a hot day.

Once you’re sure you’ve ticked all the boxes when deciding on your conservatory purpose and design, be sure to speak to a professional about how to move forward to realize the dream.

While conservatories always add value to a home when the time comes to sell and move on, an orangery has exceptional appeal, more so because they are larger and more diverse in the possibilities for end use. Furthermore, conservatories are a common addition to UK homes and have become the norm, whereas an orangery still provides that additional sense of class and exotic appeal. An orangery will almost always speed up the prospect of selling your home while fetching a higher price too.


At 1st Scenic, we can make your conservatory dreams become a reality. We can help you to transform your idea into a well-functioning design and then get to work on making your vision happen. At 1st Scenic, we have many years of experience in designing and building conservatories in and around Kent and will make sure that you’ve considered every aspect and opportunity so that we create the perfect space for you. To find out more, call us on 01689829600.