Bigger isn’t always better, but when it comes to windows there are a lot of benefits to going large. If you are considering replacing your windows, or have moved into an old property and in the process of doing it up before you can move in, then we are sure that the question has come up. Should you go for bigger windows? We explore the benefits of doing just that this month, together with what needs to be done if you do opt to upsize.

The benefits of bigger windows

Some are no doubt obvious, while others may be a little less so. Here are our top reasons why we think it is worth considering bigger windows:

  • Natural light and lots more of it! We know that daylight is good for our body and our mood, so if you can increase how much natural light comes into your home, then jump at the chance! One thing to bear in mind is your bedroom windows though. While natural light is good for us during the day, it could mess with our sleeping patters. One way around this is by hanging black-out blinds in bedrooms or installing shutters to maintain a darker environment for sleeping.
  • Better ventilation. Larger windows mean bigger openings and better ventilation. In our new and more modern homes that are well sealed against draughts, this is an important issue as it will help to combat damp and maintain a flow of fresh air.
  • A natural canvas. Bring the outdoors in with larger windows and enjoy the view more without having to go outside, especially when it’s freezing cold. Who needs expensive art to hang on the walls when you could have a natural view of the garden, or if you’re really lucky fields, woods, or even the sea?
  • Added value. Larger windows can actually add value to your property so you will likely more than recover the cost when you come to sell.
  • Energy efficiency. Having larger windows no longer means heat escaping. With so many energy efficient options on the market, you can have bigger windows, without the higher energy bills.

What do I need to consider?

If you are thinking about increasing your window size, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.

  • Increasing the rough frame. This is the box that your window sits in and which may need to be increased to fit the new size of window.
  • Replacing the trim boards. This is the horizontal drywall that sits on the outside of your windows. Depending on what you are installing, you may have to replace the vertical one as well.
  • Longer curtain rods. These will also need to be replaced to make sure that the new curtains, if you have them, will cover the whole window area.

None of these issues are insurmountable, nor do they need to be expensive. For advice on what you may need to do in your home to move towards bigger windows, just give our 1st Scenic team a shout on 01689 829 600 or for a chat or to make an appointment.