Front doors. The entrance to your home. One of the defining features of your home, it shows off your property and sets it apart from the others on your street. It says something about you and your style and offers a tiny glimpse of what the inside may be like. It can be an invitation to come in or a deterrent to would-be renters or buyers should you be looking to put it on the market. The addition of glass to your front door – whether as a single, small panel, or as taking up most of the front door – can jazz it up in many different ways, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

We explore glass panels on front doors this month to help you decide what best suits your home and your style.

Doors with single window panels

Perhaps the most traditional design found across the UK, it comprises a composite, aluminium, or wooden door with a single rectangular window panel across the top, or one in the shape of a rhombus. Its design is meant to allow some light in without letting people look inside, preserving your privacy and security.

Doors with side panels

Doors with side panels are almost as popular. While the front door itself may be solid, one and often two – one on each side – glass panels allow light in. They are also a great way to have a peek at who is at your front door before opening it and can be covered or frosted should you wish to retain full privacy.

Doors with multiple windows

Perhaps more typical of back doors but they are frequently found on front doors too – those 9-lite or even 15-lite doors. Great at letting in plenty of natural daylight, the rectangular shape of each glass panel can give off a traditional feel to your home. If you have a lot of windows along the front of your property, particularly in the same design, though, it may feel a little overwhelming.

Glass styles

Whatever type of door you choose and however many glass panels it may have, the next thing to consider is the type of glass you use. Privacy is, of course, important and security is paramount. Toughened glass, or at the very least double glazing, to address the security question is a must and will give you peace of mind. Frosting will offer the privacy you seek and do away with the need for blinds or curtains.

There is one other option, one that is fairly new to the market but ticks both those boxes. Fused glass offers an excellent combination of privacy and security, and also adds a uniqueness to your door that shows off your taste and style. Merge the security of a Solidor door with the beauty of a glass-fused Jo Downs design and you will be the envy of your neighbourhood.

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