The flush casement window is an increasingly popular window design that offers many advantages in terms of looks, energy efficiency and security. Highly versatile, the flush casement window is in high demand for both traditional period homes and modern minimalist properties.

What is a flush casement window?

The simplest way to explain the flush casement window is that when it’s closed, the glass sits flush within the frame, creating a flat surface to the outside. This contrasts with the more traditional lipped casement window, where the sash overlaps the frame when closed.

Interestingly, flush casement windows are a very traditional window design and have a long history dating back to the 19th century. Most late Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian houses have flush fitting sashes made from timber.

What are the advantages of a flush casement window?

Flush casement windows offer several benefits:

Clean and sleek

Flush casement windows feature clean, square lines that complement any property style, from traditional to contemporary. Their design allows them to be easily retrofitted into almost any property. They have a greater glazed area that allows more natural light into your home, giving your property a warm and bright ambience.

Timber looks

Timber windows have that classic look that will always remain timeless. Modern uPVC windows can now replicate the appearance and charm of timber without any of its disadvantages. With uPVC you are spared the worries of rotting, warping or discolouration over time. Timber look uPVC designs are one of the factors driving the current popularity of flush casement windows.


Flush casement windows are highly energy-efficient and can achieve the pinnacle window energy rating of ‘A+’, which means they don’t suffer from excessive heat loss and will offer the maximum amount of thermal retention. Consequently, the heat generated by your heating will not escape, helping you to reduce your energy bills. You can look forward to enjoying a warm and cosy home for years to come. Flush casement windows are an easy way to save money and lower your carbon footprint.


Security is a big priority for homeowners. Flush casement windows offer the latest in security technology to thwart burglars and keep you, your loved ones and your possessions safe. Look for windows which both meet the British Standard for security and qualify for Secured by Design – the official police-approved security standard. This will give you and your home the highest level of protection.

Many design options

Modern flush casement windows come in a wide range of designs and finishes that fulfil every need in terms of aesthetics, function and performance. Choose from hundreds of colour options and select from a variety of handles, trims and accessories to match. Personalise your windows with Georgian bars, decorative glass or detailed leading. Depending on your preference, your window design can blend in seamlessly with the building or stand out to dramatic effect.

Reasonable cost

You’ll be pleased to hear that there’s very little difference in price between flush casement windows and traditional casement windows. So there’s nothing to stop you getting on board with this exciting trend.

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