How to find a good double glazing installer

Installing new double glazing or replacing your existing windows is a big decision and one which shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are still plenty of doorstep double glazing salespeople knocking on doors trying to convince home owners to upgrade, update, or install new windows; while some of them may well be legitimate and very good, choosing someone in this way for such a big decision for your home is not ideal. To help you choose wisely and knowledgeably we wanted to give you a few tips on what to look out for, what to avoid, and how to work with your chosen installer to get the results you are looking for.

Tip 1: Do your research

Shop around and talk to friends or colleagues who have recently had their windows done. Would they recommend their installer? Were they happy with the work? Did they have any complaints, and if they did how were they dealt with?

Tip 2: Check references

Whether an installer comes recommended or not, it’s always worth checking their references. Ask to see some of their work or talk to some of their previous clients. What do they have to say about the standard of service that they received? Was the installer reliable? Did they stick to the agreed timetable or if there were any complications were they dealt with in a timely manner and to the clients’ satisfaction? Did they turn up on time or were they consistently late? How was it working with them – did they have an agreeable attitude to their clients and the job at hand, did they look after your property and clean up after themselves or did they leave the place in a mess?

Tip 3: Ask to see their insurance cover

Not many people know to ask for this, or even if they do, rarely do they bother. However, it’s a crucial aspect of any business; are they covered by insurance should something go wrong? Reputable installers should have public and employers’ liability cover as standard and should be able to provide insurance certificates outlining what they are covered for and to what amount.

Tip 4: Sign a contract

A contract will clearly set out the work that you are asking them to do and that they have agreed to. It will also specify the payment terms, including the deposit amount and payment schedule. This way you can manage and spread out payment while monitoring progress. Check for any clauses that allow you to withhold payment until an agreed milestone is met.

Tip 5: Keep talking

Signing the contract and giving your installer access should not be the end of the relationship. Keep the channels of communication open at all times; give your installer the opportunity to keep you informed of progress and any problems that may crop up and how they intend to resolve them. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the work, this is also your chance to raise it and not let it fester. A break and a cuppa can work wonders for clearing the air and getting work back on track if it has stalled.

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