Are you thinking of putting shutters on your UPVC windows? Many people are concerned about putting screws into the plastic UPVC frame. Some people wonder if UPVC windows need some special type of fixing.

Actually, you can screw into plastic UPVC frames, but if you prefer not to, there is another option. We’ll cover both options here.

What you need to know about putting shutters on UPVC windows

There’s nothing wrong with attaching fittings to a UPVC frame. After all, most UPVC windows come with handles and air vents attached to the frame.

The most important thing about drilling screws into a UPVC frame, is to check that you have chosen the appropriate screw length and position, so you don’t end up driving the screw into the glass. Drilling into the glass will almost certainly crack the glass – something you’ll want to avoid at all costs!

Your window manufacturer can advise you on the correct screw length.

Generally, the screws don’t need to be very long. UPVC windows are hollow inside, so your screw just needs to be long enough to penetrate the outer layer of plastic.

What you need to watch out for when fitting shutters to UPVC windows

Take a look at the handles of your windows. Do they protrude into your window recess? You want to position your shutters so that they hang away from your window handles. Otherwise, you’ll have trouble opening and closing your shutters.

If you do have protruding handles, don’t worry, there’s an easy solution: the inside mount frame. Inside mount frames can be fitted just in front of each window, away from the handles, and you simply hang your shutters from the inside mount frames.

How to install inside mount frames to your UPVC windows

Inside mount frames are widely available, and many have pre-drilled fixing holes. The frame attaches to your window recess on all four sides. With the inside mount frame you won’t need to drill into your UPVC windows at all.

Some people worry that attaching anything to their UPVC windows may invalidate their guarantee, and inside mount frames avoid this issue.

What if you don’t have a window recess?

Perhaps your window is not recessed into your wall. Traditional sash windows often fall into this category. The solution would be to use a vintage L frame, fitted to your window or the surrounding wall, from which you can hang your shutters.

Can you put shutters in a UPVC conservatory?

If you have a UPVC conservatory, you absolutely can put shutters in. The best option will depend on the shape of the conservatory.

If you have a box-shaped conservatory, with windows at 90° from each other, inside mount frames (discussed above) will be perfect.

Some UPVC conservatories have each window section angled at 45°. For these designs, your best option is often to fix your shutters directly to each window frame. Again, it’s important to stop drilling as soon as the screw bites.

Even if you have a UPVC conservatory with unusually shaped windows, you can still get shutters to fit. Bespoke shutters can be made to your exact specifications, whether your windows are rectangular, triangular, arched or even circular.

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