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Many homeowners think of fascias as an aesthetic addition to their roof rather than the integral part of their home that they actually are. Fascias play a hugely important role in protecting your roof and your home as a whole. We explore the ways in which they do this, and take a look at how to maintain them properly so that they do their job for a long time.

What is a fascia?

The fascia is the board or rafter that you see running along the length of your roof. It sits neatly below the roof tiles and will be attached to the roof truss. It provides the finish to your exterior – so it does have an aesthetic role to play – but that is not all that it does. Typical materials for fascias are timber and aluminium, although uPVC is being used more and more as well.

What is the role of a fascia?

Fascias will support the roof tiles, carry your home’s guttering, and seal the roof from the elements. Our UK weather, which is characterised by long and frequent periods of rain and high winds, can lead to damage to roofs and soffits if they are not sealed off.  The fascia will protect the soffit, which is the overhang below your roof under the eaves.

What can go wrong?

There are a number of things that can go wrong if your fascia is not properly looked after and maintained.

  • Rainwater can enter through cracks, holes, or gaps in your fascia boards and cause damage to the roof. Roofs by their nature are less accessible areas in our homes so any damage from condensation and increasing damp may not be noticed for a while, by which time it may require extensive and expensive repair.
  • Damage or gaps in fascias can also let heat escape from your home. Warm air rises so it will soon find its way into your attic. Poorly maintained or sealed fascias will let that heat escape which will in turn lead to you needing to keep the heating on for longer to keep your home warm. Before you know it, your energy bills have gone up and you are paying more than you should to heat your home.
  • Pests can find their way into your home. Gaps and cracks are an invitation for birds and rodents to come in from the cold and build their nests in a warmer environment. They in turn can cause further damage to your fascias and soffits, as well as your attic and roof as they burrow in and set up home. Once in, it is illegal to injure, kill, or remove birds and bats as they are protected species; to get them evicted you will have to get a specialist in at the right time of year or wait for any young to leave the nest.

Fascia maintenance

It is more cost effective to check and repair any early signs of damage to fascias than to replace them, or worse have to deal with any resulting problems such as damp or pest infestation. It is also critical that you check and clear your gutters regularly as well to prevent and remove blockages which could cause water to find its way into your roof through the fascias.

For advice on proper maintenance or for a check of your fascias and soffits our 1st Scenic team is on hand to help.  We are available on the phone on 01689 829 600 or online at info@1stscenic.co.uk for an chat or to book an appointment.