Over the years, conservatories have become a staple in home expansions across the UK, but many homeowners experience the same trouble around this time of year. Conservatories do have the tendency to get cold throughout the winter. However, as a space within your home which you undoubtably cherish from spring to autumn, we don’t see why you should feel the need to retreat from the area for the Christmas period.

Why do conservatories get so cold?

It’s not uncommon for conservatories to get cold, and that is simply due to the fact that glass is not the greatest insulator. This means that the glass surrounds of your conservatory struggle to retain heat and fail to prevent cold air from entering. As heat rises, you will find that the majority of your warmth is lost through the roof.

Can you insulate a conservatory roof?

Conservatories are a great home investment, and it is important that you are able to make the most out of the space. If you are finding that your space is becoming less functional in the colder months, there are steps that you can take to insulate your conservatory roof.

The best ways to insulate a conservatory roof

Install blinds or curtains

For a modest budget, the installation of blinds can provide a beneficial increase in heat retention. With a range of styles on the market today, you could find a solution to fit any requirement. As well as installing them to the roof, you would find a greater increase in both energy efficiency and comfort if you extended these to the windows and doors as well. The great thing about blinds is that they are retractable, allowing you to still admire the views of your garden with the blinds pulled back. It is important to do this regularly, preventing condensation build up from leading to mould.

Lay film across your glass

If shutting the views of your garden off is something that doesn’t appeal to you, consider the laying of thermal-efficient, solar control film. This can be applied to the windows, doors, and roof of your conservatory. The film works to absorb heat, allowing your space to stay warmer for longer during the winter, and can also be beneficial in summer, reducing UV rays and decreasing glares. You can carry out your own installation, but for a longer lasting solution you should consider the assistance of a professional.

Replace your conservatory roof

At the higher end of the budget scale are roof replacements, and this option is always effective. If you had your conservatory constructed a number of years ago, you may have a lower gradient of glazing which can now be upgraded to boost the energy efficiency of your space. A replacement with materials of the highest quality will also provide you with a roof where the seals are secure, preventing draughts from entering.

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