It’s that time of year when things turn spooky. Creepy. Scary. Whether you have little ones or not, are expecting local kids to come trick or treating, or just want to join in the fun of turning your neighbourhood into a Halloween festival, we thought we would dedicate this month’s article to helping you do just that. Read on for some ideas on how to use decoration on your doors and windows to get into the Halloween spirit.

Hang some banners

Adding a few well-placed banners on or alongside your front door is a simple and easy way to let people know you are joining in this year’s Halloween festivities. They can have a simple message, such as ‘Happy Halloween’, or challenge trick or treaters to ‘knock if they dare’!

Get the spiders’ webs out

There is a lot of room to play with this. You could opt for those sticky webs or clingy ones you can buy in party shops or you could make your own with string, wool, or even window paint. Cover as much or as little of your windows and doors as you want – there is no such thing as too much when it comes to spiders’ webs at Halloween!

Lay out the welcome mat

But do so with a twist… You can create an old witch’s house welcome mat by stuffing some long, stripy socks with old newspaper, fitting some worn and scuffed pointy shoes to them, and securing them under your ‘welcome’ mat so that they stick out. Adults will guffaw with laugher, but littles ones are more likely to be taken in.

Visiting witches

This could be as simple or as intricate as you have time and creativity for. If you’re going for simple, then look for some window banners of witches in party shops. If you are a little more artistic, you could create and stuff a dummy witch and sit her on the window sill. Another option is to cut out or paint witches onto cardboard and place them just inside the window. Whatever you do, the backlighting from your indoor lights can create quite a dramatic scene for those passing by outside.


A tried and tested tradition, and for good reason. Pumpkins can bring out your creative side as you can do almost anything with them – and of course have all that pumpkin to eat once you have carved out the good bits. Some candles or even small LED lights placed inside can throw some spooky, low-level lighting and create a ghoulish atmosphere on your doorstep.

Spiders, bats, and mummies

Placed on to doors, windows, and window frames, fake spiders and bats ooze Halloween spirit. Use some white cloth or crepe paper to wrap around your door, add a couple of eyes lurking in the background, and you have created a trapped mummy too. Spooky!

Have fun however you choose to decorate this Halloween. For any advice on windows and doors whether now or once the decorations have come down, get in touch with us at 1st Scenic. We’re on the phone on 01689 829 600 or on email at info@1stscenic.co.uk for a chat or to make an appointment whenever you need us.