As time goes by, we all have style preferences that evolve. One of the most common questions we get asked is “are you able to paint your uPVC frames?” The short answer is yes. However, there are processes and approaches which need to be undertaken to provide a smooth and durable result that you will be happy with.

What is the difficulty behind painting uPVC frames?

Whilst the idea of painting over a surface as smooth as uPVC can seem simple, the ability to achieve a clean finish can in fact be challenging. Surprisingly, uPVC frames can be unforgiving, leaving visible brush marks on both the flat and ridged sections, no matter the amount of preparation work you undertake.

To achieve a smooth finish, we would recommend painting with a spray gun, using fine particles of specialist paint to coat the surface evenly. However, this can be a lengthy and awkward process, with doors and windows often requiring removal for several coatings, leaving your property open and draughty. If you are not confident in your spraying abilities, we would recommend instead replacing your uPVC windows or doors with those of a new colour, preventing you from spoiling perfectly good frames.

How to paint a uPVC window or door

If your spray painting abilities are strong, you may hold the confidence needed to start recoating your uPVC frames in a colour of your choice. It is important to remember that once your frames are coated, it could be practically impossible to revert them back to their original appearance. So, make sure you’re happy with the colour change you have in mind.

  1. To provide your uPVC frames with the highest quality finish, you must first put in the time needed for preparation. This includes cleaning each part of the frame that you are looking to coat, removing grease and grime, as well as any additional substances which could prevent the paint adhering to the surface. The frames will then need to dry completely.
  2. The surface will now need to be prepped for a primer. This step is key in ensuring a flawless finish. You should do this by sanding the surface with the right amount of pressure to prevent permanent scratches and dents from being formed within the frame. Otherwise, these markings will show through the paint.
  3. The uPVC will then require another clean, but this time in the form of a dry dusting to remove any traces of debris from the sanding. Any remains will get caught up in the paint, leaving an unwanted textured finish to your windows or doors.
  4. A tailored primer will then need to be applied, and it’s quite possible that several coats will be needed. You may find, depending on your use of primer, that you will need to allow a day or two for the primer to cure fully, before you begin the painting process.
  5. Once the preparation is complete, the spray painting process can begin. To achieve a flawless finish for your frames, as well as a clean outcome without the presence of overspray, dismantling and sheeting will be required. You should cover any surrounds that you don’t wish to be covered, taking into account the breeze present and how far your paint may spray beyond the target area.
  6. Using a quality spray gun, this is your time to shine. A number of coats may be required to reveal your ideal finish, and it may be best to separate these out over a number of hours or days. The process will require patience and careful thought. Remember to leave your uPVC in a location which won’t disrupt the paint whilst it dries.
  7. Once you are happy with the result and the paint has dried and fully cured, they will be safe for re-installation on your property.

Why not replace your uPVC windows?

You would be forgiven for being daunted by the idea of painting your uPVC frames yourself. We understand that the job isn’t the typical DIY project you may undertake on a Sunday morning. The process is lengthy and without a professional present, there will always be a risk of a disturbed finish. Instead, why not replace your frames? With a range of uPVC door and window types available, we are confident that we could provide you with the finish you are seeking, without the hassle or stress.

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