When it comes to our homes there are three things that we want them to be: beautiful inside and out, safe and functional for our loved ones, and to have a good market value. The three are closely interlinked – a beautiful and safe home will be valuable and marketable when the time comes to sell or put it up for rent. If the exterior of your home is looking a little tired or in need of a bit of a facelift there are a few cost-effective things that you can do to spruce it up. In the process you could even strengthen their safety features, adding yet more value!

How do you do that? Read on for our top three easy cosmetic changes that will boost your home’s beauty and its market value.

Change your windows

If you haven’t replaced your windows in the last decade or more then it is time to consider doing so. If nothing else, the double-glazing can be replaced if the frames are solid and structurally sound. Windows are often referred to as the eyes of a property – or as we like to think, it’s soul. Together with your front door, the condition and design of your windows will say a lot about your home and keeping them in top shape will go far in keeping your home safe, beautiful and valuable.

Replacing your windows need not be as expensive as you may think. It’s worth bearing in mind the changes in technology over the last decade when it comes to double-glazing and energy efficiency. They are far more efficient at keeping heat in, and the savings you can make on your heating bills will pay back the cost of the replacement sooner rather than later.

Remember that if you live in a conservation area or listed property there may be some restrictions on your options for window replacements. It’s a topic we have covered before and you can find out more in our earlier article on this – but in short, it need not mean you can’t update your windows!

Replace or repaint your front door

A bright, new front door can do wonders to the look of your home. Whether you choose to repaint it in a different colour to add some vibrancy to a tired old door, or replace it altogether with a newer, more secure version than the one you had before, you will be surprised by the change it can make. As with windows, the latest technology for doors gives you a host of features that will secure your home as well as act as a further barrier to heat loss, making it an energy efficiency investment as well.

Give it a new coat of paint

If a fresh coat of paint can work wonders on your front door, imagine what a lick of paint to the exterior walls can do! This is also an opportunity to repoint any gaps in the brickwork or close any gaps or cracks in the plasterwork before repainting. The end result is a dramatic change to your exterior regardless of whether you opt for a neutral tone or a vibrant colour for the finish.

If you are looking for ideas on how to spruce up your home and add value to your property this is what we are here for. Talk to us at 1st Scenic and we are sure we can help come up with the right solutions for your home. Find us 01689 829 600 or at – we can’t wait to get started!