The exterior appearance of your home is important. It helps to set the tone for your décor and style within the home as well as creating an attractive presentation from the outside. Having a well-maintained property front is an excellent way to interest prospective buyers as well as being a wonderful welcoming feature for residents and guests.

Aspects such as windows and doors play an important part in building the home’s character and offer much in the way of retaining and showcasing period properties and their features. While PVC-U frames are common and easy to implement for most homes, there is something more charming about the use of natural timber frames.

If you are considering new timber windows, but are worried about the maintenance and upkeep of real wood, then why not consider timber alternatives? All the charm of wood frames, without the maintenance.

Five advantages of timber alternative windows

  1. Bespoke for your style

While timber frames are eye-catching regardless, timber alternative windows can be tailored to suit your style. Not only can you choose from a range of wood colours such as classic oak, rich mahogany or intriguing maple, they also come in a variety of designs to suit your style. Not only can you choose the design and colour, but the frames also offer a woodgrain finish for a convincing natural look.

With bespoke and custom-made frames, you can adhere to the period of the property and your personal style and flair. Timber alternatives can also adhere to conservation guidelines if your property is protected or situated in a conservation area.

  1. Energy efficiency

Timber alternative frames are incredibly advanced, offers double glazing and even triple glazing which helps to give your home further protection. Wood effect windows can help you to retain the heat in your home through its innovative multi-chamber design. The retention of heat not only saves you money on heating bills but also lessens your impact on the environment.

  1. No hassle

While timber windows have charm, they require maintenance with regularly staining and damp may penetrate through the frames. With a wood effect finish, you receive all the beauty of natural wood with none of the maintenance. Timber effect windows will last for years, and the only maintenance you need to complete is a clean as and when it is required.

  1. Authenticity

For a convincing look of timber that will impress the neighbours, wood effect windows care designed to look and feel like real wood. The foils used on timber alternatives creates an appearance of a unique grain finish. Not only do they have a grain finish, but they are also often well-researched to adhere to the characteristics of the wood type chosen.

  1. Budget friendly

Real wood windows can be an expensive undertaking, whereas timber effect windows are an excellent, cost-effective alternative. The durability also means that the windows are built to last, no expensive repairs or costly maintenance. Just long lasting windows with a beautiful wood style finish.

Looking for charm without the cost?

At 1st Scenic, we offer a range of convincing timber alternatives for all manner of window types. If you want to find out more, then call us on 01689 829 600.