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Researching your options when it comes to your new front door? You may have been glad to find that the range of choices before you are far more wide and varied when compared to the white uPVC doors of old. However, you may also have quickly come to find that the sheer choice – of materials, glass types, hardware accessories and colours, quickly overwhelms. Here we dive into the details as to what you should be thinking about when shopping for a composite door.

Composite doors versus uPVC doors

Composite doors are more expensive than traditional uPVC doors, as they have added security features as well as being constructed to be stronger. Composite doors also boast a longer lifespan (generally speaking, composite doors last twice as long as uPVC doors). Composite doors are also more thermally efficient and won’t suffer from fading or discolouration.

Composite doors and colours

Standard composite doors feature in many colours, such as white, black, green and blue, each of which will be included in the base price, there are then more unusual colours, which may cost a premium; there are then different finish options, such as a wood grain effect that has an appearance of natural wood, which may or may not add a premium charge. You can choose different colours for either side of the door, and there are some composite doors that allow a selection of colours for the frame.


When choosing the glazing for your door, there a number of things to bear in mind – first, is privacy; most doors will be frosted, opaque or feature patterns – each of which will provide privacy as well as aesthetes. If your home tends to suffer from a lack of light or where the space behind the door is a hallway with few windows, you may want to consider a large glass panel, for optimal light.

Security and energy efficiency

Composite doors are heavy and secure, featuring a robust, multi-point locking system and sandwiched layers of materials that include PVC, wood, foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). The materials that are used, means that your composite door will require no maintenance treatment whatsoever, and should last for over 20 years.

Each composite door is accompanied with its own energy efficiency rating, which allows you to easily make side by side comparisons.

Added extras

Further considerations and upgrades you may want to think about include a handle and letterbox in a colour of your choice, numbers and a lock that can be operated by remote.

We stock a wide range of composite doors in our showroom at 37 High Street, Orpington, Kent; feel free to pop by and explore your options. Alternatively, you can arrange an appointment in your own home; simply call the team at 1st Scenic Ltd, Kent – 01689 829 600 |