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Every homeowner looks for savvy solutions for boosting the value of their property, and as the housing market looks more uncertain than ever, home improvements can be the difference between cashing in and moving on, or crashing out and staying put. Doors, windows and conservatories present an attractive option for increasing property value – but what increases should you expect from each of these investments? And how concerned are home shoppers about properties where work is required in these areas? Here we explain the exact value impact of these improvements.

Doors and windows – The complete picture

The doors and windows of a property aren’t merely about aesthetics. Those in the market for a new property consider these as essential for energy efficiency, as well as for avoiding costly bills a few months after the move. Home buyers also consider security to be at the top of the list when property shopping, an integral part of which is the age of the windows and doors – which are responsible for keeping wold-be intruders out.

Windows – Value added: Up to £8,000 (with average solutions ranging in price from £5,000 upwards)
New Front Door – Up to £5,000 when coupled with a tidy up outside (re-paint, clean windows, unblocked drains, pulled up weeds and driveway scrub down)
Bi-fold Doors – Value added: 2% / £5,000 on a £250,000 house (with average solutions costing from £3,000)

Conservatories – Expanded living space (a plus on any home shopper’s list)

Conservatories are an exceptional way to add value to your property if, and only if, they are done professionally – in keeping with the style of the house and sympathetic to the size of the garden. When done right, you can expect as much as a 7% boost to your property value.
Value added: Between 7% and 15% / £17,500 to £37,5000 on a £250,000 house

Hoping for an impulsive home buyer?

Home buyers who don’t pay as much attention to the smaller details become saddled with an average bill of £4,000 for common repairs including window and door frame rot; chimney repairs; roof repairs and damp.

Add to the impact of your new front door

On average, a new door costs £500 and upwards, when coupled with an exterior that’s tidied up with rendering (which can cost £10,000 and over) you can expect to add value of up to 10%.

Value added: 10% / £25,000 on a £250,000 house

The hidden cost of old windows and doors

Whilst many homeowners look at the value that can be added by home improvements, and whether they’ll pay off in a boosted sale price, all too many overlook the fact that old windows and doors can put buyers off – resulting in a property that languishes on the market for longer than it should. This not only delays a move (during which time property prices are rising), but it also means that homeowners pay hand over fist in estate agency fees.

Whether you’re planning for a big move or are staying firmly put in your dream home, home improvements such as new windows, doors and a conservatory can both add value as well as enhance the form and functionality of your property. Speak with the 1st Scenic team, in Kent on 01689829600 or email our team via info@1stscenic.co.uk.