Homeowners in Kent are increasingly seeking innovative ways to enhance their properties with sturdy and aesthetic windows and doors. Now, this brings forward the need for quality double-glazing. It not only improves energy efficiency but also adds aesthetic value to your interior and exterior styles. In this guide, we’ll explore the ten latest trends in double-glazing for UK properties, helping you make informed choices for your home.

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Energy-efficient glass (Low-E)

Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass is a game-changer for Kent homeowners. This advanced glass technology features a microscopically thin metallic coating. This mechanism reflects heat back into your home during colder months while keeping unwanted heat out during summer. It also significantly reduces heat loss and lowers energy consumption, leading to substantial savings on heating and cooling bills.

Slimline frames

Slimline window frames are sleek and minimalist frames offering expansive views and allowing more natural light into your home. Their contemporary design complements modern architecture while maximising energy efficiency. These frames with double-glazed windows will be an excellent addition to your modern décor in Kent.

Triple-glazing, taking it a notch higher!

Kent’s weather can be unpredictable. Which in turn calls for superior insulation in your windows. Triple glazing, with its three layers of glass and two insulating air gaps, provides exceptional thermal performance. It keeps your home comfortably warm in winter and cool in summer, reducing the need for heating and cooling systems.

Pro tip: The spacer area is particularly important when it comes to double- or tripe-glazing. Any fault in it can lead to droplets of condensation. Which will spoil the look and functionality of your windows. 1st Scenic is a team of double-glazing window experts who will build quality windows for your property. If you want to replace your existing window for efficient double-glazing, get in touch with us now.

Smart glass technology

Homeowners across the UK are embracing the advanced smart glass technology. This innovative option allows you to control the transparency of your windows at the touch of a button. It adapts to changing light conditions, offering privacy while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. Plus, it can integrate with your home automation system, adding convenience and luxury to your Kent property.

Automation is becoming increasingly important in the changing landscape of human life. With kids and older people living in the house, more and more families are opting for smart glass automation with double-glazed windows in the UK.

Coloured frames

Inject personality and vibrancy into your Kent home with coloured window frames. Choose from a wide range of colours to complement your property’s exterior and interior. Coloured frames not only enhance curb appeal but also add a touch of individuality to your home, making it stand out in the Kent landscape.

Pro tip: Work with experts when it comes to colouring your existing uPVC or wooden double-glazed windows. Attaining the perfect finish with your double-glazed windows is a tad bit tricky. It requires a detailed and lengthy process, which experienced professionals can easily provide.

Acoustic glazing

If you’re living in a bustling urban area, we understand how noisy it can be. You definitely need increased sound insulation on your property. Acoustic glazing is the solution to that. This specialised glass reduces noise penetration, creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home. It’s ideal for properties in busy neighbourhoods or along major roads, providing a serene refuge from the external clamour.

Self-cleaning glass

The UK weather keeps changing without warning. Thus, maintaining clean windows can be quite a chore. Self-cleaning glass can be perfect in this situation. It features a special coating that uses rainwater to wash away dirt and grime. This low-maintenance option ensures your windows remain crystal clear, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed views of Kent’s stunning scenery.

This is also rather favourable for busy households where nobody has the time to clean and maintain double-glazed windows on a regular basis.

Security enhancements

Security is paramount in Kent and its surrounding areas. Double-glazing with advanced security features is a wise investment. Options include laminated glass, multi-point locking systems, and reinforced frames. These measures provide peace of mind, protecting your house and valuables from intruders. Especially while you’re away from home. Discuss with your local double-glazing experts for a better understanding of which enhancements will be beneficial for your home.

Heritage windows

The rich architectural heritage of UK properties deserves preservation. Heritage double-glazing offers the charm of traditional windows with modern benefits. You can replicate historic window styles while enjoying the advantages of improved insulation and energy efficiency. This is particularly great if your property follows the period architecture style, and you want to maintain it to the best standards.

Custom designs

Every property is unique, and so are its requirements for quality double-glazed windows. That is why custom-designed double-glazing is a trend on the rise. It allows you to create windows that perfectly match your property style. Whether it’s a unique shape, textured glass, or personalised features such as shutters, custom designs ensure your windows reflect your individual style.

Final thoughts

There’s a reason why every property in the UK prefers double-glazed windows. They are secure, energy-efficient, aesthetic, and can be customised to meet your unique needs. And with the advancement of technology and the latest innovations, double-glazing can easily be taken to the next level for modern UK homes. We hope that this detailed article has helped you get insights into some of the latest trends in double-glazing. Make sure to trust a reliable double-glazing company when it comes to implementing these new features in your windows.

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