Composite Door Cost

Selecting a front door is more than a mere functional necessity; it represents a pivotal investment in your residence’s aesthetic appeal, security, and energy efficiency. Your door should be the perfect blend of technology and beauty.

Composite doors, renowned for their robustness, energy efficiency, and aesthetic versatility, have carved a niche in the home improvement domain not solely as front doors but across a broader architectural spectrum.

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In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the pricing intricacies of composite doors, exploring budget-friendly options, installation costs and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Composite Door?

The cost of installing a composite door can vary widely, influenced by several factors, including the door’s quality, the installation’s complexity, and geographic location. You can expect the cost of purchasing and installing a composite door to range between £900 and £2,000.

1. Material Quality

The cost of composite doors can vary depending on the quality of material used in their construction. High-quality products will have higher price value and better durability and performance in the long run. Higher-quality materials like precious wood or reinforced steel, modern locks, etc., typically result in expensive doors.

2. Design and style

The composite door’s design and style will determine the door’s price. More oversized doors with decorative glass panels and custom-made designs incur higher costs. Unique features like sidelights, transoms or blinds increase the overall cost; simple and plain designs are usually cheaper.

3. Security Features

Composite doors are known for their safety features and robust build.  Doors with multi-point lock systems and anti-drill systems provide safety to residents. If you plan to install a high-end locking system, the cost incurred will be higher than that of an essential locking system.

You can pick from various systems depending on your choice and need.

4. Installation

The complexity of installing a composite door can impact the overall cost. The price will be high if the resident plans to install a door frame along with the door. The installation plays a vital role in how far it is, and the existing condition and other facilities decide the cost of the Door installation.

5. Manufacturer

The manufacturer and brand also affect the price of composite doors. Factors such as shipping cost, delivery timeline and warranty coverage given by the supplier decide the final cost. Established brands may charge higher for their premium products and provide on-time delivery.

6. Warranty

Depending upon the product warranty and support given by brands, the cost of the product is also impacted. Doors with a more extended warranty period and other protections can have a higher price point than those without warranty products.

Types and Costs of Composite Door

When exploring the realm of composite doors, three notable brands stand out in the market: Solidor doors, Door-stop doors, and Hurst doors. Each has unique benefits and pricing structure, catering to different consumer needs and preferences.

Let’s delve into what makes each of them distinctive.

Solidor Doors

Solidor is renowned for its robust security features.  Running to 48mm, the thickness of these doors is complemented by including an Ultion lock – the most secure locking system on the market. Timber cores are central to the strength of these doors, which assure strength and deliver energy efficiency.

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Door- Stop Doors

Door-stop doors are part of our budget-friendly composite door range. They are a popular choice of composite front doors because they perfectly balance beauty and budget. Door-Stop Doors International is a leader in transformation.

Select from a comprehensive collection of Long Bar handle suites, ultra-modern Square suites, elegant Bow Handle suites, and timeless Classic suites. Long Bar handle suites, ultra-modern Square suites, elegant Bow Handle suites, and timeless Classic suites.

If you are looking for budget and beauty, choose Door-Stop Doors and Connect.

Hurst Doors

Hurst Doors is an innovative manufacturer of composite doors that are as robust in strength as they are superior in design. With more than 1600 colours, you can customise your doors according to your property and personal style.

This range of doors is exceptionally secure and boasts excellent thermal efficiency, which gives the user peace of mind and relaxation. These doors have a timber look but a higher water resistance and laminated look.


  1. What are composite doors made of?

Composite doors are made up of a combination of materials such as timber, reinforced steel, and density foam.

  1. Are composite doors cheap?

They can be cheap and expensive depending on your requirements or customisation.

  1. Does the composite door require maintenance?

No, they aren’t. They need timely cleaning, but professional cleaning is not required.

  1. Are composite doors secure?

Yes, composite doors are secure and safe like any other wooden door.

  1. How long do composite doors last?

Composite doors, when kept with proper care, can last longer. They often have a lifespan longer than traditional wooden doors.


Composite doors are solid and steady. They can modify the look of your house with a wide variety of designs available to you.