Double glazing is a very important component of any home. It provides insulation, reduces noise pollution and enhances security. Just like any other part of your home, your windows do not last forever.

You should know when it is time to replace your double your double glaze windows because it can save you money on energy bills and improve your living. You can expect a good quality double glaze to last up to 20 to 25 years.

The regular checks can help you in maintaining your windows, but it is also important to know when to replace them. Speak to our experts and learn more about double glazing of windows and doors and much more. Do you have a question about windows, doors, conservatories, warm roofs, roof lanterns or roofline? Come and visit us at our High Street showroom or call us now on 01689 829 600.

Here are seven indicators that it might be time to replace your double-glazing windows:

1. Condensation Between Panels

The most common indication for replacing your double glazing windows and doors is condensation between the glass panels. This shows a breach in the seal which has allowed moisture to penetrate. This can compromise the insulation properties of the window, which will decrease the energy efficiency and potential damage to the frame of the window or door.

If it is not resolved in a timely manner, it can lead to the building of mould and mildew, posing health risks to the residents. Promptly addressing this issue will help in preventing further damage and can restore the window’s functionality and insulation.

2. Drafts And Air Leaks

Drafts and Air leaks can be seen around the windows or doors when the seals between the window frame and glass panels are broken or fail. These leaks allow the outside air to enter the home, due to which energy bills can be increased as the heating and cooling efforts of the appliance is wasted.

This leak can also cause temperature fluctuation and increase moisture problems within the home. Identify this issue early and resolve it promptly for a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

3. Visible Damage

You may also see visible damage to double glazed windows and doors. The visible damage can be cracks, chips or breaks in the glass or frame. This will compromise the structural integrity of the window or door. This damage will not only affect the functions and productivity of the window or door but also damage the aesthetic and appearance.

Ignoring these signs can lead to further deterioration, increased energy bills, insulation and potential safety hazards. You should promptly repair your windows or doors if you see any damage; this will maintain the efficiency and integrity of your home.

4. Operations

If you are facing any problem in operating your double glazed windows or door, then there is some underlying issue with frame, hardware or mechanisms. Warped frames, worn-out hinges and damaged operating mechanisms can hinder smooth operations, which can lead to frustration and potential safety hazards.

Ignoring operations issues like difficulty in opening or closing the window or door, should not be ignored because this can lead to further damage and even compromise the safety and security of the house.

5. Noise Pollution

Your double-glazed windows are designed to reduce to noise transmission from outside to inside the home. They help in providing a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment. If you can hear an increase in outdoor noise level, that suggests that the windows may no longer be effective in soundproofing the space.

These increased sound levels can be the result of seal breakage, ageing of material or any other structural issues. By replacing the double glazing, you can decrease noise pollution and, have a quiet indoor and lower your electricity bill.

6. Discoloured Frames

If your frames are fading out or discolouring, this indicates deterioration of the frame material. This can be caused by many reasons, such as exposure to sunlight or water. This not only affects the aesthetic appearance of windows but also their structural integrity and performance.

Discoloured frames are more brittle and prone to cracking, which can compromise the insulation and safety of your home. These frames are decreasing the overall beauty of the home’s exteriors and interiors. Replacing windows with discoloured frames ensures that your home is safe and aesthetically pleasing.

7. High Energy Bills

If you are observing a sudden rise in your electricity bills, this can be an indication that it is time to replace double glazed windows and doors. This means they are no longer providing adequate insulation and allowing heat to exit and enter.

The reason for this can be seal failure, deteriorating conditions of the frame, or any other issue related to windows and doors. Inefficient windows allow heat to escape, which builds pressure on HVAC systems to work more to keep the indoor temperature comfortable for the residents. Addressing this issue will not only increase safety and insulation but also save you a lot of money.

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In conclusion, it is crucial to understand when to replace your windows. Recognising the signs of damage and failure at an early stage will help you in maintaining your home’s efficiency and comfort. If you have the right double glazing, you can save on energy and live in a more comfortable home.

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