conservatory with doors open

Has the gorgeous summer weather we had this year got you thinking about installing a conservatory in your home? You couldn’t go wrong in considering such an addition. It does not only provide you with a beautifully light, open, and warm space all year round, but it can add quite a bit of value to your property as well. You need to get it right though in order to reap all the benefits that a conservatory can bring, so this month we delve into the things you need to know to help you make wise decisions and get it right first time.

The benefits of a conservatory

Conservatories are not how they used to be: useful for a couple of months of the year and left cold and lifeless during the winter months. With great improvements in materials they are used year round, offering a light and cosy space whatever the weather. During the summer you can seamlessly extend your home into the garden and in the winter you can soak up the sun in the comfort of your home. Done right, having a conservatory can:

  • Give you a beautiful and light additional space for your home. Extend your kitchen or dining room, or create a new playroom for the kids or games room for the grown-ups.
  • Create an area with oodles of daylight to help chase away winter blues and offer a cool sanctuary in the summer.
  • Add value to your home when you come to sell or rent.

Get it right and you won’t look back

There are a few key things to consider when choosing a conservatory for your home. They include:

  • Size. Keep it in proportion with the rest of your home and you will have a well-sized space. Too large and you could end up rattling around in it, too small and it could be too cramped to use it.
  • Planning permission. Depending on the size you opt for or any other extension work that may have been done previously to your home, you may need planning permission. Check the government’s planning portal or talk to your local authority to be sure before getting started.
  • Orientation. You want to get the most of the sunlight but not to the point where the solar gains are such that you have to spend more money on glazing or cooling to be able to use it all year round.
  • Materials. Choose the materials for your frame from uPVC, wood, or aluminium, depending on the feel that you want for your conservatory and the existing materials of your home. When it comes to the inside your options are only limited by your imagination. Turn it into an indoor/outdoor area with patio furniture and patio or tile floors, or use carpeting and softer furnishings to make it a den or indoor sanctuary.
  • Glazing. Double glazing is a must to keep the temperature more consistent and give you decent sound proofing. Depending on the aspect of your conservatory you may need to add blinds or tinted glass to avoid excessive solar gain and high temperatures.
  • Ventilation. Avoid condensation and keep your conservatory comfortable with a good ventilation system, such as openable windows, which should include trickle ventilation. This can be incorporated into your roofing materials to save you the trouble of opening and closing vents.

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