It’s fair to say that we may all be more aware than ever of just how much it costs to heat our homes. With winter having arrived in full force over the past couple of weeks, we thought now would be the best time to share our top tips on cost-effectively insulating your home this winter, allowing you to fight against those rising energy prices.

Get your boiler serviced

Whilst running your heating will cost you money, there will inevitably be points through the winter where you will need to do so. Switching your heating up to gain a satisfactory level of warmth may take a little extra push, and this will all be reflected in the prices you will then be required to pay. A service of your boiler will ensure that it is working to the best of its ability, providing you with as much warmth as possible, for as little as possible.

Rearrange your furniture

If your sofas are pressed up against the windows of your lounge, it is likely that those who sit on them will feel more of the cold than those who don’t. By moving furniture away from your windows, you can avoid the need for anyone to feel an unpleasant chill on the backs of their necks and begin reaching for the heating controls. You may also find that this uncovers a radiator or two, allowing them to pump heat into your room more effectively.

Introduce layering to your furniture

Having additional layers available on the furniture throughout your home, from beds to sofas, will encourage members of your household to wrap up while they cosy up. This could include blankets or throws which can also appear decorative if not in use. In return, this could lessen the requirement or desire to switch the heating on. The addition of rugs to wooden and tiled flooring can also allow you to warm your feet whilst walking and relaxing.

Update your windows

If you can’t remember when your windows were installed, there’s a chance that they are due an upgrade. You may notice that a draught is being let in due to a seal that has experienced natural wear and tear, or possibly your level of glazing could be updated. A set of new windows can be a cost-effective solution that insulates your home, year after year.

Replace your doors

In the same way, your doors could also benefit from a replacement. The draught that creeps through your door and into your home can turn your hallway into an uncomfortably cold environment. Plus, it can also leak into the surrounding rooms. If you find that a draught excluder just isn’t making a positive difference to the warmth of your home, it could be time to consider a replacement door.

We can all sympathise with the rising costs of energy bills. At 1st Scenic, we pride ourselves on providing a 1st class service to every customer. Specialising in the installation of double and triple glazed windows and doors, we can provide your home with the components required to have a warmer, more cost-effective winter, year after year. Give us a call on 01689 829 600 or send us an email at to find out more about our services.