Tips for a conservatory that seamlessly extends your home

It’s likely that we all know of at least one home where a conservatory sits looking like a mish-mash of rooms and a higgledy–piggledy space of multiple uses. If you’ve recently been house hunting, or can at least remember your last time scouring the market, it’s also probable that the homes you did see with these haphazard conservatories really didn’t have the appeal of the ones that were a stylish, seamless extension of living space.

Doors, windows and conservatories – The value impact

Every homeowner looks for savvy solutions for boosting the value of their property, and as the housing market looks more uncertain than ever, home improvements can be the difference between cashing in and moving on, or crashing out and staying put. Doors, windows and conservatories present an attractive option for increasing property value – but what increases should you expect from each of these investments? And how concerned are home shoppers about properties where work is required in these areas? Here we explain the exact value impact of these improvements. Doors and windows – The complete picture The doors and…

uPVC Windows and the period home

For any owner of a period property owner, home improvement projects almost always demand careful consideration if the original character of the property is to be maintained. Where once those who hoped to retain the character and charm of their period property were restricted to single pane windows and unsightly secondary glazing for any semblance of energy efficiency, today, times have changed. Let’s take a look at all the 21st century has to offer when it comes to uPVC Windows for the period home. Timber and Timber Alternative Windows Timber windows have long since been the solution of choice for…

Composite Doors: The Complete Buying Guide

Researching your options when it comes to your new front door? You may have been glad to find that the range of choices before you are far more wide and varied when compared to the white uPVC doors of old. However, you may also have quickly come to find that the sheer choice – of materials, glass types, hardware accessories and colours, quickly overwhelms. Here we dive into the details as to what you should be thinking about when shopping for a composite door. Composite doors versus uPVC doors Composite doors are more expensive than traditional uPVC doors, as they…

Conservatories: All You Need to Know

Deciding to add or replace your conservatory can be an exceptional way of transforming your living space; but with this form of home improvement ranging upwards in price from £5,000, up to £30,000 it pays to think of it as an investment (and with the average conservatory adding 7% to the value of a property, this is exactly what it is [The Telegraph]). Here we outline the considerations you should make when in the first stages of researching conservatories for your home. First things first: Key questions to ask yourself The following questions will help you firm up a few…

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