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1st Scenic installs patio doors in properties across Bromley, London and Kent. We offer both uPVC and aluminium designs that will enhance your home. Call our team today to discuss our patio doors for your Bromley home.

Quality materials

As we use the best uPVC and aluminium profiles for our patio doors, the Bromley homeowner can get the best for their property. Through choosing these doors, you’ll increase the weatherproofing, heat retention and security of your London home. The perfect replacement for old timber designs, you’ll enjoy lasting use through this door.

Unlike other back doors, our patio doors are truly unique. These doors open side-to-side instead of in or out. This allows the Bromley homeowner to make full use of the space within their home. Built with a large glazing area, you can flood your home with light and enjoy the beauty of your garden year-round. For homeowners with young children or pets, they can keep a watchful eye from the comfort of indoors whilst they play in the garden.

Reducing your carbon footprint

The uPVC and aluminium profiles of our patio doors will help to reduce the carbon footprint of your Bromley home. The profile works alongside the panes of glazing to trap in pockets of warm air. This will help to provide a warm temperature in your home year-round, even in the cold winter months.

With our patio doors helping to maintain the heat of your Bromley home, you’ll start to rely less upon your central heating. This will help your energy bills to lessen, giving you more money to spend on the things you want. As your energy consumption reduces, so to will your home’s carbon footprint.

Complementing your style

Our patio doors will perfectly complement the uPVC windows at your Bromley property. 1st Scenic customers are put in complete control when they design these doors. This allows you to perfectly match it to the rest of your property. The first customisable feature is colour and woodgrain foils.

If you live in a traditional Bromley property, a woodgrain foil allows our patio doors to maintain the classic look of your home. For modern properties, bold colours make your property stand out. You can even customise the handles and glazing within the door.

Modern security

Although patio doors previously had a reputation for being easy targets for would-be intruders, our doors bypass these issues. We use the best locks in the market. When combined with the panes of glazing and the rigidity of the profile, you’ll enjoy a high level of security across the whole of the door.

Multi-point locking is fitted across our patio doors. This helps to remove any potential weak spots that could be exploited by would-be intruders. We also use anti-jacking technology, stopping people from removing the door off the rollers.

Low maintenance design

Our patio doors are the perfect replacement for old timber back doors and don’t offer the same high maintenance issues. Even after constant exposure to the elements, the uPVC or aluminium frames will not bow, warp, crack, flake or discolour. We imbue the colour into the material, so it doesn’t need repainting. The only maintenance you’ll have to carry out is to wipe down the profile with a damp cloth, maintaining the good-as-new look.

We’re with you from design to construction, and beyond

Through choosing 1st Scenic for your back doors, you’ll experience the best service from a double glazing installer. Our team will be on-hand every step of the way, from initial consultation right up until completion. We will listen to the needs of the Bromley homeowner, providing friendly, impartial advice. By choosing 1st Scenic, you’ll only get a patio door you want for your home, not one we want you to buy.

1st Scenic patio doors in Bromley
– your 1st choice (here’s why)

If you’re trying to choose between companies for your patio doors, here are three solid reasons to make 1st Scenic your first and only choice.


We don’t begin with specifications, materials and diagrams, we start with you.

You need to be certain that you’re getting Patio doors that offer the best fit for your Bromley home. That’s why we work alongside the customer to fully understand what they want from their door.


1st Scenic estimators are experts in home improvements- not specialists in sales

We’ll offer the highest level of professionalism to our customers. We never pressurise or speak in jargon. Our sales team only suggests the best French doors for your Bromley home, not the most expensive.


1st Scenic Offers the Bromley Homeowner Quality Doors as Standard

All our Patio doors are designed from the best profiles. Each design is accompanied by a guarantee of quality, providing peace of mind you’re getting the best for your Bromley home.

Patio door prices Bromley

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